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In Fife, Washington, a small band of believers is ministering to the residents of a motor inn along the I-5 corridor.

“Really the reason we call it Dope Church is to raise a flag for those who are right in the middle of addiction and exploitation,” Pastor Chris Thomas said.

The I-5 is a major highway for the wrong kind of traffic and the Kings Motor Inn is just a roll of the dice away from casinos.

Each Saturday the team sets up in the parking lot, serves hot dogs and hamburgers, and gets to know the people.

Raquel G. said the moments of ministry are powerful.

“When I’m able just to give them a two-second testimony, that I, too, had come from a life of addiction and chains and bondage and the sex industry and that God has redeemed me and that I’m a totally new person, that clicks something and that gives them hope that there’s hope for them and darkness has to go,” she said.

She has given hope to people like “Sonya,” a drug addict who usually avoided the team until one day she came bruised and hurting, beaten by her boyfriend.

“She actually was a nurse before she got embroiled in this kind of cycle of gambling and addiction and things like that and the abusive relationship,” Thomas said.

Dope Church helped her escape the abuse, get drug free, and even regain custody of her children.

“It’s absolutely incredible, she never would have considered herself a Christian before, but now she can’t stop talking about Jesus and what he’s done to change her life,” Raquel G. said.

The church’s story shows the miracles that can happen when the church gets outside the walls and into the streets.

Ruben L. summed it up best.

“I said man, about three months ago, man I was holding a pipe, you know, and weapons in my hands and getting high in the street. Now I’m here singing to God and holding a Bible,” he said. “It feels so good, bro, I can’t believe this. Jesus, He loves me, He saved my life, man. This is the best dope you can get.”

Dope Church is part of the Soma family of churches. Click here to see more.

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