CVTV has the Hottest Christian Advertising Opportunities to Fit Your Need.

  • 556,815 monthly visitors (June – August 2015)
  • 665,212 page views (June – August 2015)
  • Over 126,000 Facebook Fans
  • Over 7,000 Twitter followers

This is what happens when CVTV goes viral which it has done 4 times now!


  • The Christian Post $10.00 CPM
  • Relevant Magazine $10.00 CPM
  • Patheos $10.00 CPM
  • CVTV as low as $1.50 CPM!

Christian Video TV Advertising Formats

We have 2 different types of ad formats available.

Banner Advertising

We are fully capable of handling your banner advertising needs that fit with any type of device. We have banners for desktops, tablets, and today’s modern smart phones.

We have placements above the fold in the header and above the title and even more premium spots around each video.

Contact Leo McDonald for our current rates for each type of ad.

Native Advertising

CVTV is the only Christian website to recognize the Facebook effect in advertising. We offer promoted posts directly below each article in a style to blends in with our regular content and looks more natural. This native advertising is highly effective if you want to promote a landing page for your business or your most popular blog posts so that you can get even more exposure for your great content.

Contact Leo McDonald to get started with Native Advertising

Advertising Guidelines

  • All images must be G-rated and brand safe. If you wouldn’t put it on your living room wall, don’t put it on ours.
  • All links must arrive at a faith or family friendly website. We do not allow links to schemes, other world religions, cults, or sites that would be offensive to Grandma and the kids.

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