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Jefferson Bethke may have went through the motions going to church every Sunday as a teen, but he still watched pornography, got drunk on the weekends, and per an admission in his most recent YouTube video, he even got caught shoplifting at Target.


He can still recall the crippling fear than ran through his veins as the flashing cop car lights swirled around him and his partner in crime. But in what he can only explain as “Crazy Grace,” the 26-year-old reveals just how transformative the power of Christ can be.

In this powerful encounter, witness a living example of how motivation out of fear will only fail you, but His love never does…

What’s most amazing about what started as a criminal fiasco, is that Bethke is now selling his books about Jesus on the shelves of the very same store that he once stole from.

Awesome to see this story get picked up on a few different sites! Still blown away my book is on their shelf. Talk about grace!!

Posted by Jefferson Bethke on Friday, November 13, 2015


Jefferson Bethke has made quite the name for himself as a Christian YouTube sensation, author, speaker, and notable family man.

But that doesn’t mean his road to redemption wasn’t a rocky one.

As he shared in his post, “Every once in awhile a moment comes along where you can tangibly see just how far the grace of God has brought you. This is one of those moments.”Now that is some crazy kinda grace.

To get all the freebies just send in your receipt or screen shot to BethkeAtTarget@gmail.com!

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Lamentations 3:58

Lord, you are my lawyer! Plead my case! For you have redeemed my life.

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