From Producer Roma Downey comes ‘Answered Prayers’ a new TLC series that will touch your heart and strengthen your faith.
*Premieres Sunday, July 26th at 10/9c*

Downey says the seed of it came from the news, which Burnett likes to watch each night.

“One evening,” she says, “after a particularly heartbreaking evening of headlines, in exasperation I turned to him and said, ‘I wish we could watch the good news channel, somewhere where we could see stories that have positive outcomes and more hopeful resolutions.’ ”

Downey hopes that both Christians and non-Christians will enjoy the stories of unbelievable triumph.

“I think people who are of faith will have no doubt that all of the series of coincidences that needed to occur to create the rescue or to provide the healing are God-filled,” she says.

“But I think there’s something for everybody … It’s hard not to be moved by the anxiety they were feeling or the grief that they were feeling, and it’s impossible not to be touched when suddenly a healing occurs.”

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