Former Glamour Model Reveals The Ugly Side Of The Glamour Industry

Each time a camera was focused on me, I didn’t feel prepared enough, pretty enough, or completely ready to be scrutinized by the people who make it all “happen”.

The Heart Breaking Reality Of The Porn Industry – Former Porn...

Ex Porn Star exposes her past in porn and her rescue by Jesus Christ.

A Lady Knocks On A Brothel Door And….

Danielle Strickland decides to take one of her students and show her how to bring the gospel to one of the neediest areas in her community. The results are amazing!

Does Jesus Love Pornstars? Somebody Gave This Lady A Bible And...

Brittni Ruiz was a porn star… until someone gave her a Bible.

Does What Happens In Vegas Stay In Vegas?

Angie led a glamorous Las Vegas lifestyle full of celebrities, drugs, and alcohol which left her feeling empty and guilt-ridden. Soon, she found the only way to break loose and become a new person.

Sex Trafficking Of Children In America? Watch Rebecca’s Story!

Rebecca Bender is a survivor of sex trafficking. You can learn more about her story, and create awareness by sharing with the people you know.

From Twisted Love To True Love – Former Porn Star’s Testimony...

Almost out of hope that someone would rescue her from the porn industry, this young woman cries out to God for help. This is her powerful testimony of the power of Christ to save, heal, and transform. He did it for her, He can do it for you also. He will never forsake you.

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