Woman Drowns While Scuba Diving. What She Saw Will Inspire You!

Darnisha drown while scuba diving with her husband. Her story of what happened next is touching. Be sure to watch until the end. Her words of encouragement are truly inspiring.

10 Out Of 10 People Die…..Or Do They?

When will I die? How will I die? These are questions everyone asks.

Texas Teen Has Miraculous Encounter With Jesus While Dead For 20...

Doctor's say Zack Clements had no heartbeat for 20 minutes before being revived. What he claims to have seen is nothing short of a miracle.

Cop Has Amazing Vision Of Jesus During Shoutout With Sex Offender

Officer Ali Perez was nearly killed while serving a warrant on a suspected pedophile. During a shootout, Jesus appeared to Ali and asked him to bless the man who was determined to take his life.

This Lawyer Had An Encounter With God While Dying During Surgery....

A routine operation goes horribly wrong, and Jeffery knows that he is dying. Hear him describe his conversation with his loving heavenly Father.

This Man Was Pronounced Dead Until His Doctor Decided To Pray...

They called a time of death on Jeff. Then, his doctor heard the Lord say, ‘Pray for him.

One Doctors Amazing Testimony Of Drowning, Going To Heaven, And Then...

Dr. Mary Neal is a board-certified orthopaedic spine surgeon who drowned in a tragic kayaking accident in Chile. She was pinned under water for 15 minutes. During this time, she died and visited heaven. Watch the miraculous story she shared with Fox News on national television!

Amazing Story Of 12 Year Old Girl Who Paints Unbelievable Pictures...

At four years old this precious girl had visions of heaven and Jesus. She wanted to paint the images that she saw, and when she did they were a true spectacle. Her gift was surely from God. Although she did not have all of the heavenly colors in her palatte, she created masterpieces that were soon to win her mother’s heart for Jesus.

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