Supernatural Signs And Wonders Stirring Muslim Hearts To Faith In Christ.

Never in it's 1400 year existence has Islam seen conversions to Christianity as it is seeing today.

He Is Known As “God’s Smuggler” And Has Taken The Gospel...

For decades, a missionary known as Brother Andrew has had one mission, and that is to bring the Gospel to some of the darkest places on earth.

Whitney Houston Sings Jesus Loves Me To All Of Brazil

Whitney Houston sings to the people of Brazil in 1994 the song "Jesus loves me" and testifies about how much Jesus means to her.

Thousands Come To Christ In Brazil

Over 3,000 commitments for Christ were made at the festival in Fortaleza, Brazil. Pray as we continue to span the globe with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Christians Under Fire Around The World

Christians around the world are ridiculed and persecuted for their faith. It's a reminder to participate in the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church with Open Doors U.S.A.

These Crazy Missionaries To Africa Welcome Their New Baby Girl In...

In about 2,000 photos strung together, experience all the emotions of our (2nd) pregnancy journey with us as we welcome Gracie into our crazy little family, and travel from Africa to Amsterdam to the USA to do it!

Underground Chinese Church Risks Imprisonment To Go Public In Worship

They have faced arrest, torture and death for their faith. But more than 40 years after the Cultural Revolution, Chinese Christians are getting bolder about sharing their faith in public.

Guatemala Elects Christian Comedian As President! No Joke!

Guatemalan voters have chosen a comedian with studies in theology as their new president.

The Miraculous Growth Of Messianic Jews In Jerusalem

In Israel, a resurgence in the number of Jews who believe in Jesus is getting a lot of attention.

German Pastor Pays A Heavy Price For Preaching A Politically Incorrect...

Once the birthplace of the Reformation, much of Germany today is covered by a profound spiritual darkness. But one German pastor is paying the price for preaching the uncompromised truth of Scripture.

New Report Shows Disturbing Trend In Christian Persecution Worldwide

Christians could soon be extinct from entire regions of the world, according to a new report from the U.K. Catholic group, Aid to the Church in Need.

Egyptian Muslim Converts To Christianity And Is Tortured – Given Death...

Majed was arrested and tortured because of his conversion to Christianity.

Devastated Christian Family Shares Their Story Of Persecution In Iraq By...

"My son David was four years old. He and his cousin were playing and a bomb landed on him."

All Over China, Ordinary Men And Women Reject Socialism, Embrace Christianity.

All over China ordinary men and women are embracing Christianity. Turning from the socialist teachings of the Communist Party, they are now attending church.

This Woman Suffered From Anxiety Attacks, Depression And Thoughts Of Suicide...

The scars of Eva De La Fuenta’s childhood kept her from embracing love. The day that changed prepared her for a special role

Iraqi Muslims Converting To Christianity Because Of ISIS Atrocities

182,000 Yazidi Muslims are fleeing Northern Iraq. Many of those are converting to Christianity after seeing the difference between Islam and Christianity

Christianity Spreads Like Wildfire Through This Headhunter Tribe In India

Some of the last surviving Naga headhunters describe how they once killed members of other tribes, a practice that ended when they converted to Christianity. Today these men are elderly, and their region in northern India, Nagaland, hasa higher percentage of Baptists than the state of Mississippi.

This Indonesian Man Is About To Receive A Gift That We...

This video shows the emotions of the Kimyal community in West Papua, Indonesia, as they receive the first copies of the New Testament in their language. Dancing, weeping and praying, the Kimyal people welcome God's Word into their remote village and talk of how it will change their lives.

Children Ravaged By ISIS Speak Forgiveness! A Must See!

Imagine if someone swooped in and forced you from your home and made you homeless overnight. Could you pray and ask God to forgive them?

The Voice Went To The Philippines And Found This Little Boy....

The Voice Kids Philippines Season 2 SING-OFFS August 9 2015 Team Lea "Amazing Grace" by Reynan Dal-Anay

Muslim Woman Gives Jesus 1 Week To Prove Himself Before Ending...

Iranian Muslim woman has an experience that she will never forget!

Muslim Imam Converts To Christianity!

As a Muslim imam, Mario Joseph was well-versed in the Koran and in the teachings of the Islamic religion. In fact, it was precisely the Koran that brought him to an encounter with Jesus Christ and with the truth of the Christian faith.

Secret Worship In North Korea – This Woman Barely Escapes With...

Some North Koreans have escaped from the Communist country and its human rights violations. Kim Eun Jin is one of those survivors

The 10 Most Beautiful Church Buildings From Around The World!

The beauty of these church buildings will take your breath away!

Why Are These Chinese People Kissing The Bible? Their Answer Might...

Why are these Chinese Christians so emotional over a book? Find out their reason!

Doctors Ask For God’s Help Before Performing One Of The Riskiest...

In the first operation of its kind in Haiti, conjoined twins were successfully separated. But the procedure was more than just a surgery. As CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook explains, it has provided the country with pride.

Muslims Converting To Christianity By The Thousands After Receiving These Visions!

After many visions, these men profess Christ manifesting himself to them in their dreams. And what did they see? The visions were so overwhelming that these men tell of how they left behind their Muslim beliefs and took up faith in Christ.

This Man Was Sent To Wage A Special Kind Of Jihad...

Kamal was raised since birth to follow Allah and die a martyr. He was specially chosen to go to America and convert America to radical Islam. What He didn't expect was that he would meet the living God of the Christians!

This Girl Pleads With All Believers To Pray And It Totally...

Over 1 million people have watched this video and shared it! She talks about the Second Coming and what God has revealed to her. She is so shaken by God’s words and presence that she can hardly speak.

Prayer Revival Breaking Out In Egypt!

Since January 18, 2011, Egypt has been in a state of civil and political unrest, but in the midst of the violence and uncertainty, God is moving in a BIG way.

Atheist Dies And Receives A Lesson On The Afterlife Before Waking...

Ian McCormack was stung by a Box Jelly Fish while he was diving one of small island in the Indian Ocean. Before he died, he had vision of his mother. His mother asked him to do Lord's prayer. He also forgive others. He accepted Jesus as His Savior. He died and first, he was in Hell. Later on, he lifted up to high and encountered with Jesus. He also could see Paradise.

China Declares War On Crosses On Church Buildings!

Officials in China’s Zhejiang province are stepping up their war against crosses on church buildings.

Devil Your Too Late! I Am In Christ’s Hands Now! –...

For 18 years, Elizabeth Joe suffered with agonizing pains in her abdomen. She and her husband spent all their money on voodoo priests, doctors and trips to the hospital. One day, after a trip to the hospital, Elizabeth and her husband heard the sounds of the Christ for all Nations Gospel Crusade nearby. She wandered in to see what was happening.

Who Would Dare To Love ISIS?

As the world responds to the Islamic State with hatred and vengeance, there is one group that is responding differently. They are not allies with ISIS but enemies. And they have been slain by the thousands in the hands of ISIS.

This Man Sits Besides A Woman In A Plane. She Asks...

Check out this hilarious description of what this man does for a living. You won't believe it!

Thousands Of Muslims Coming To Christ Through Dreams And Visions

Some claim that miracles have, and will never occur. Well thousands of Muslims say different. Muslims that didn’t want to convert, but were revealed to the truth. God bless. I’d advice anyone who wants a similar experience, simply ask. The lord will find you.

British Prime Minister Cameron Declares Britain A Christian Nation! Should America...

A very Happy Easter to you and your family. My video message on the importance of Christianity in our national life: – David Cameron

Malaria Caused This Woman To Go Deaf. Worshiping Jesus Caused Her...

This young woman lost her hearing and speech after contracting malaria and then being taken to witchdoctors as a little girl. In July of 2014, after suffering for 16 years, she attended a Christ for all Nations Gospel Crusade in Bujumbura, Burundi. During the worship she noticed a change beginning to take place. In that meeting she was delivered and healed. This is her story.

This Guy Grew Up In A Jungle And Lost His Dad...

Josiah grew up in the Amazon completely convinced that he the was luckiest kid on Earth, but when tragedy struck at the age of 13, God revealed to him a much greater identity.

This Amazing Aerial Footage Of The Tallest Church In The Netherlands...

The Dom Tower of Utrecht, or Domtoren Utrecht in Dutch, is well known in The Netherlands and the rest of Europe for having the tallest church tower. The gorgeous Gothic style tower stands just over 330 feet or 110 meters tall.

This Woman Cried Tears Of Joy After Jesus Miraculously Healed Her...

Following laser eye surgery, Jaye’s eyes developed chronic dryness and became painful. It was difficult for her to work, but a miracle would soon change everything.

Nigerian Christians Burn Their Items Of Witchcraft

At a Gospel crusade in Abakaliki, Nigeria the locals burn fetishes, charms and other items relating to witchcraft at a Reinhard Bonnke Crusade. They dance and rejoice as they are set free from generations of bondage and fear

Crippled Boy Gets Healed By The Power Of God!

The boy in this video gets called up to the front and his hip and leg is displaced and he cannot walk correctly. However, within a couple of seconds …well, just watch and see….

This Muslim Man Believed The Bible Was Corrupted Until He Encountered...

This is a great testimony from Muslim who had an actual encounter with Jesus. Kamran saw Jesus sitting 0n the throne in heaven in a vision. Jesus is the only way to heaven.

Rare Footage Of Illegal Chinese House Churches

Rare video footage of Chinese Christians meeting in caves, houses, farms, and secret locations in order to worship Jesus.

This Muslim Man Didn’t Believe God Would Answer A 16 Year...

British Pakistani Afsar Ahmed shares his testimony

From Jihad To Jesus – Lebanese Muslim Transformed By Jesus!

Jerry Rassamni was born in Lebanon who was watching Civil war when he was young. He hated Christians and became a member of Jihad army to kill Christian. Then, he had an opportunity to come to United States. He met a girl and falling in love with her who was a Christian. He studied Bible to convince that Islam is truth. But he found the truth in Jesus Christ.

Police Brutally Beat Christians In The Streets Of China

Church leaders in eastern China say that they are facing the worst persecution in decades. CNN’s David McKenzie explains.

Why Should Christians Engage Muslims – Dr. Nabeel Qureshi

Nabeel has debated many Muslims publicly about Islam and Christianity. This is a general talk and testimony,

Are Those Angels Singing In This South African Church? You Decide!

On Sunday morning the 7th of August 2011, something Spectacular and Supernatural happened at Spirit Life Ministries, we had an Angelic Visitation in the form of an Angelic Choir singing in church! During the time of ministry “singing voices” were heard. The most beautiful harmony of voices came floating in from the back of the auditorium as if the Wind blew it in. .They continued to sing for about 10 min as an awestruck silence fell on everyone. I walked to the back to find the choir…no one (human) was singing …. Just a Heavenly harmonious humming.. Revival has come to Uitenhage, South Africa!

This Man Had A Dream That Caused Him To Build Something...

After having a bad dream about a flood, this builder in the Netherlands decided to construct a full size replica of Noah’s Ark…down to the very detail and size as described in the Bible. Incredible!

This 8 Year Old Girl Did Something That Nobody Else Has...

In front of 300 million people, Rhema Marvanne takes the Christian message to China in the form of her absolutely beautiful version of Amazing Grace. Wow, this is so great!!

This Woman Was Sentenced To Hanging For Being A Christian. Hear...

Mariam Ibraheem (Meriam Ibrahim) talks about her thoughts and feelings being persecuted, imprisoned & facing death for being a Christian in Sudan.

This Homeless Man Shocks Swedish Television Show With His Music

Doug Seegers performs his own song Going Down To The River. Clip taken from Swedish TV show Jills Veranda.

200,000 People Watch This Blind Woman Get Healed!

Have you ever witnessed a miracle? Watch as this woman receives her sight in front of 200,000 people! This woman was totally blind in both eyes. The night before, her left eye had been healed and she came to testify and give glory to God. While interviewing her, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda discovered that her right eye was still blind. Watch what happens next…

Former Muslim Answers The Questions As To Why He Converted To...

Muslim Converted To Christianity After Studying (Christian Testimony)

Muslim Mosque Leader Comes To Jesus After Receiving A Dream Then...

Muhammad becomes a Christian and receives divine healing after heeding a dream about Jesus.

Iranian Muslim Asks God “Why Would Jesus Help A Muslim?” Find...

Former shitte muslim Afshin's Journey to Christ Source :

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