Atheists Beware! – This Man Gives Proof Of The Existence Of...

This man’s evidence of our God’s existence had me shouting AMEN! THIS video is amazing.

Is There Really Evidence For The Existence Of God?

Is there really a Creator God? Could there be a God that has always been God and never did not exist? What evidence is there for such a being?

This Scientific Study On The Gift Of Tongues Will Make You...

Univ of Penn. study examines people who speak in tongues with MRI. Video doesn’t start for about 5 seconds.

We Have All Seen Creation Around Us But Have You Seen...

This incredibly beautiful video will give you a whole new perspective on the creation of God and our place in it.

Video Game Used To Win 16,000 People To Christ

Millions of Americans spend time playing video games. Now a Christian company called Lightside is using the popularity of gaming to win people to Christ.

Research Shows Grateful People Suffer Less Mental Illness

Thanksgiving is the one day of the year that we set aside for the purpose of giving thanks. It's a good start, but what if we showed our gratitude throughout the year? Doctors say the benefits are worth the effort.

Science And God Meet In The Arena Of Reason And The...

Does God exist? Or is the material universe all that is, or ever was, or ever will be?

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