Famous Atheist Encourages Christians To Proselytize

Penn Jillette discusses a gift from an audience member. He still says he's an atheist, but is he softening?

This Atheist Doctor Had Everything Life Had To Offer But It...

Dr. Greg E. Viehman had everything that life had to offer. A good job, plenty of money, and the time to pursue multiple hobbies. However all of that could not bring him happiness, contentment or fulfillment in life.

You’re Praying In A Restaurant Over Your Meal And An Atheist...

An atheist harasses a Christian family for praying in public before eating their meal. What would you do?

High School Football Team CHOOSES To Get Baptized And Now The...

Players and a coach from a public high school team outside Atlanta took part in a mass baptism on a football field, prompting an Atheist group to demand an investigation by the school district.

Human DNA Shows Evidence Of The Existence Of God!

Former atheist & journalist, Lee Strobel tells how DNA points to the existence of God.

Top Atheist Scientist Converts To Christianity!

Dr Francis Collins (Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute) explains why he believes in a personal God and how his faith is compatible with science.

Atheist Dies And Receives A Lesson On The Afterlife Before Waking...

Ian McCormack was stung by a Box Jelly Fish while he was diving one of small island in the Indian Ocean. Before he died, he had vision of his mother. His mother asked him to do Lord's prayer. He also forgive others. He accepted Jesus as His Savior. He died and first, he was in Hell. Later on, he lifted up to high and encountered with Jesus. He also could see Paradise.

Atheism Led This Rock Star To Thoughts Of Suicide But Then...

Rock artist Lacey Sturm, former lead singer for the band Flyleaf, was an outspoken atheist before she planned to take her own life… but everything changed

Atheists Beware! – This Man Gives Proof Of The Existence Of...

This man’s evidence of our God’s existence had me shouting AMEN! THIS video is amazing.

Now that there are Atheist Churches, what might their Children’s songs...

Since Atheists are forming their own churches, funny man Tim Hawkins explores what type of songs they would sing in Children’s Church.

The Startling Last Words Of Famous Atheists

What did atheists say just before they died? This startling video will make you think twice about your beliefs before you pass away.

Obsessive Compulsive Atheist Finds True Peace In Christ

Meet Dan who made a bold life decision to follow Christ.

Self Professed Atheist Bill Maher Defends Christianity? You Won’t Believe This!

Wow! Bill Maher nails it on the differences between Christianity and Islam on the Charlie Rose Show.

Atheist Professor Takes A Hard Look At Evolution And Decides To...

Dr. Richard Lumsden thought the theory of evolution was fact until one student asked him questions he couldn’t answer. Find out what he discovered!

Does Jesus Love Atheists? This Video Will Surprise You!

Nathaniel Oliveri and Andrew Chee see God move in an atheist’s life. This is the Normal Christian Life.

Brad Stine Shows How Atheists Are Irrational In This Comedy Clip

Christian Comedian Brad Stine lays out how atheists are really irrational.

Watch This Woman’s Response To An Atheist – Classic!

Many say God doesn’t exist because bad things happen, but just listen to this

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