What Happens When You Ask Mark Lowry To Kill Some Time...

They asked him to 'kill' 90 seconds - 3 minutes at The Dove Awards. This is what He did.

What Is It Like To Sit In “The Pastor’s Chair?” You...

What does a pastor do during the week? This humorous video will open your eyes to some of what happens behind the scenes.

This Man Sits Besides A Woman In A Plane. She Asks...

Check out this hilarious description of what this man does for a living. You won't believe it!

100 Clean Cusswords Christians Use

Tim Hawkins live and bringing the house down with his list of 100 clean Christian cuss words.

What Happens When You Mix Queen, The Christmas Story, And Puppets?...

This delightful parody written by Mark Bradford and directed by Darla Robinson tells the Christmas story in a new….and UNIQUE….way that will touch the hearts of generations to come

Now that there are Atheist Churches, what might their Children’s songs...

Since Atheists are forming their own churches, funny man Tim Hawkins explores what type of songs they would sing in Children’s Church.

The Christian Dating Inspector.

What if Christian dating websites required an in home interview and inspection? Would you pass the scrutiny of the Christian dating inspector?

Worship And Led Zeppelin. You Have Got To See It To...

Worship pastors, you have a tough job. Tim dares you to go a little “cray-cray” and freak us out every once in awhile. From Tim’s new release “Push Pull Point Pow”.

It’s No Fair That Christians Don’t Have Curse Words

Christian comedian Brad Stine thinks that it is no fair that Christians don't have curse words. What do you do when you slam your finger in the car door?

“A Night Before Christmas” With Piper The Mouse!

Leave it to Mark Lowry to come up with a cute little story about piper the mouse on the night before Christmas

Tim Hawkins Wants To Be The Super Nanny!

Comedian Tim Hawkins shares his tips on raising children.

Men’s Brains Vs. Women’s Brains Finally Explained!

In this hilarious video, marriage expert Mark Gungor explores the differences between men and women.

Christian Comedian Michael Jr. Asks A Man From The Audience To...

Comedian Michael Jr. is getting to know the folks between the jokes with his new weekly series called Break Time. This week's episode MJ is in Winston-Salem, NC and meets a high school music director with a voice that stole the show.

Trying To “Out-Pray” Your Neighbor

Comedian Michael Jr.s impressive attempt to out-pray a woman at church

Did Your Mamma Ever “Have Enough?” Mark Lowry’s Did And He...

This is from Mark’s very first comedy video. this could easily be his funniest and most infamous story he’s ever told.

Church Greeters And Hand Sanitizer – A Dangerous Combination For Tim...

Tim Hawkins talks about church greeters and how they use hand sanitizer.

Steve Harvey Shares How He Would Announce The Second Coming Of...

Steve Harvey shows how He would introduce Jesus at His second coming! Steve spoke of his mother reminding him when he was younger that Jesus is coming again This is the way it should be done!

Tim Hawkins Takes You On A Magic Carpet Ride Through The...

Watch Tim go crazy with a montage of songs from the 70's

God Is Like GPS By Christian Comedian Michael Jr.

Christian Comedian Michael Jr. shares how God is like a GPS unit for your life.

These Are The Things You Don’t Say To Your Wife!

Comedic song by Christian comedian Tim Hawkins

Comedy On The Road Less Traveled By Michael Jr.

One night Michael was in the movie theater with some friends. The film projector broke and the 400 people in the audience became disgruntled.

A Redneck Was Asked To Explain The 10 Commandments. The Result?...

Josh Burrows was asked to explain to all the rednecks out there the meaning of the 10 commandments. His explanations are, shall we say, "colorful!"

Mike Warnke Is Out Of His Mind In This Full Length...

Christian Comedian Mike Warnkie live on stage

How Do You Put The Fun In Funeral? Funny Man Tim...

Tim gives some fun ideas for his funeral. Brand new from Tim's concert DVD "That's the Worst"

What Happens When 3 Christian Comedians Talk About Babies?

Tim Hawkins, Bob Smiley, and John Branyan give you their thoughts on babies and the joy of expecting a baby!

This Man Loves Chick-Fil-A So Much He Wrote A Song For...

Tim sings about his favorite restaurant. (video taken at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship, Carrollton, TX)

How Not To Pray – Christian Comedy Clip By Anjelah Johnson

Anjelah Johnson is best known for her role as “Bon Qui Qui” on MAD TV, but in this clip she gets real about something super important to her: her faith in God.

What Do You Get When You Mix Hillsong With Toto? Hosanna!

What do you get when you take a Hillsong worship song and put it to Toto’s Rosanna? You got it! Hosanna!

What Happens When A Country Boy Needs Tech Support?

Christian comedian Tim Hawkins sings about what his country friends do when they need tech support for their computer.

Tim Hawkins Does It Again With This Parody Of Jesus Take...

Tim has fun poking jabs at the popular Christian song "Jesus take the wheel" with this parody called "Cletus take the reel."

Prayin’ Over Junk Food

Tim Hawkins questions praying over certain types of foods like Cheetos

Funny Things Christians Say To Sound Spiritual

Words and phrases that Christians love to use instead of the already perfectly adequate words provided by the English language.

Oh God! Don’t Let Me Say Anything Stupid! Christian Comedy By...

Christian Comedian Mark Lowry claims that God did not answer his prayer not to say anything stupid. What do you think?

What Happens When You Ask A Christian Comedian To Preach On...

Once in a generation, a comedian comes along who speaks to everyone. Today, that comedian is known simply as Michael Jr.

Brad Stine Shows How Atheists Are Irrational In This Comedy Clip

Christian Comedian Brad Stine lays out how atheists are really irrational.

Don’t try to fix it. I just need you to listen....

Every man has heard these words. And they are the law of the land. No matter what.

Are You Wierded Out By Nursery Rhymes? Tim Hawkins Wants To...

Tim Hawkins does stand up comedy about classic nursery rhymes.

This Funny Dad Got Kicked Out Of The Kitchen On Thanksgiving...

Now THIS is some serious Thanksgiving family bonding!

Gospel Musicians Be Like…….?

This cute cartoon depicts what some Gospel musicians are like. It is hilarious because it is soooooo True!

Wisdom Says “Do Not Ride A Motorcycle In Church!” Find Out...

This youth pastor learns the hard way that sometimes props just aren’t a great idea in church. Thank God that no one was injured and we can just get a laugh out of this now.

Are Natural Disasters “Acts Of God?” You Need To Listen...

Brad Stine debunks the idea that God is behind natural disasters in this hilarious comedy video. A must see!

These Hilarious Church Signs Will Surely Be Ticketed By The Grammar...

These church signs are guaranteed to give the grammar police heartburn!

Men Should Get Pregnant By Brad Stine

Brad Stine talks of pregnancy in this clip from his 2007 Wussification tour.

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