Successful Rapper Says He “Sold His Soul” But Then He Cried...

Mark Outing was better known as a member of the hard-core underground rap group P.K.O. He had everything this world has to offer except this one thing.

She Rode Her Motorcycle Like The Devil Was Chasing Her Until...

Motorcycle shop owner Laura Klock has to cope with difficult issues in her life including an abortion, divorce and being a single mom.

Former Victoria’s Secret Model Leaves Life Of Runway Model To Be...

God opened Kylie’s eyes to the horror stories of the modeling industry: the sex trafficking, extreme surgeries, drug abuse, verbal abuse, eating disorders, and the pornography.

6 Stories Of Heaven’s Glories.

I Saw Heaven - 6 Stories Of People who Saw Heaven

WWII POW Spends 3 Yrs In A Japanese POW Camp Being...

Jacob DeShazer's life was defined by his relationship with the Japanese people. But it was his relationship with Jesus Christ, born in a prisoner of war camp, that turned him from hating the Japanese to loving them.

Redskins QB Kirk Cousins Talks About His Faith On The Field

Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins spent the early part of his career behind Robert Griffin III. But after RG3's lackluster performance, Cousins became the starter. He says his role as both a servant and a leader is all part of God's plan.

Church Tips $700 To This Pizza Guy And He Gets Into...

This pizza guy wants to tell you about the most amazing thing that happened to him!

Member Of The Aryan Brotherhood Trades In The Shackles Of Hate...

As a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, Zach allowed his anger to guide him straight into prison, but the power of prayer and a preacher’s words paved the way for a transformation.

Gene Simmons Defends Jesus Christ And Tim Tebow!

Gene Simmons: If Tim Tebow Wore A Burqa, No One Would Criticize Him

Thanksgiving Miracle – Baby’s Tumor Miraculously Disappears! Doctors Can’t Explain It!

Doctors can't explain what happened after a biopsy revealed this Batavia infant's tumor mysteriously disappeared.

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