Even Simon Gives A Standing Ovation To This Fantastic Version Of...

Watch as the crowd goes wild and even the judges, Simon included give a standing ovation.

No One Has Ever Sung This 150 year Old Song With...

Music Superstar Celine Dion sings the most beautiful version of the 150 year old Christmas hymn "Oh Holy Night."

Do You Remember This America? I Do!

What a great reminder of the nation we were and the nation we can be!

Jordan Smith Takes A Classic Christian Hymn And Electrifies The Voice!

Jordan Smith electrifies The Voice with his version of Great is Thy Faithfulness. Even an atheist was touched!

Whitney Houston Sings Jesus Loves Me To All Of Brazil

Whitney Houston sings to the people of Brazil in 1994 the song "Jesus loves me" and testifies about how much Jesus means to her.

Watch This Classic Footage Of Johnny Cash Singing Jesus Loves Me...

Even as the network Suits tried to make an organ-grinder's monkey out of him, Cash fought to keep his show representative of his values.

Natalie Grant Brings The House Down With This Classic Hymn!

Natalie grant performs the classic hymn "I need thee every hour" and "Hurricane" at the Gospel Music Association's Dove awards in 2014

His Momma Calls Him Up And Asks Him To Sing Her...

These guys were at work and one of their mothers called and requested this song. What happens next is just absolutely beautiful!

Randy Travis Gives An Amazing Performance Of The Gospel Classic “Doctor...

Randy Travis celebrating 25 years genuine country Randy Travis performing "Dr. Jesus" at CCC

David Crowder Takes A Musical Journey To An Old-Fashioned Country Revival...

It is early in the morning and David Crowder decides to wake up his fans by taking them down a musical journey of old-fashioned revival music

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