Supernatural Signs And Wonders Stirring Muslim Hearts To Faith In Christ.

Never in it's 1400 year existence has Islam seen conversions to Christianity as it is seeing today.

Walk In The Footsteps Of Jesus

We look out across the city of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives then drive passed the Garden of Gethsemane and around the Old City walls.

He Is Known As “God’s Smuggler” And Has Taken The Gospel...

For decades, a missionary known as Brother Andrew has had one mission, and that is to bring the Gospel to some of the darkest places on earth.

Whitney Houston Sings Jesus Loves Me To All Of Brazil

Whitney Houston sings to the people of Brazil in 1994 the song "Jesus loves me" and testifies about how much Jesus means to her.

Thousands Come To Christ In Brazil

Over 3,000 commitments for Christ were made at the festival in Fortaleza, Brazil. Pray as we continue to span the globe with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Christians Under Fire Around The World

Christians around the world are ridiculed and persecuted for their faith. It's a reminder to participate in the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church with Open Doors U.S.A.

These Crazy Missionaries To Africa Welcome Their New Baby Girl In...

In about 2,000 photos strung together, experience all the emotions of our (2nd) pregnancy journey with us as we welcome Gracie into our crazy little family, and travel from Africa to Amsterdam to the USA to do it!

Underground Chinese Church Risks Imprisonment To Go Public In Worship

They have faced arrest, torture and death for their faith. But more than 40 years after the Cultural Revolution, Chinese Christians are getting bolder about sharing their faith in public.

Guatemala Elects Christian Comedian As President! No Joke!

Guatemalan voters have chosen a comedian with studies in theology as their new president.

The Miraculous Growth Of Messianic Jews In Jerusalem

In Israel, a resurgence in the number of Jews who believe in Jesus is getting a lot of attention.

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