Video Game Used To Win 16,000 People To Christ

Millions of Americans spend time playing video games. Now a Christian company called Lightside is using the popularity of gaming to win people to Christ.

Research Shows Grateful People Suffer Less Mental Illness

Thanksgiving is the one day of the year that we set aside for the purpose of giving thanks. It's a good start, but what if we showed our gratitude throughout the year? Doctors say the benefits are worth the effort.

When Was The Last Time You Sat In “The Thanksgiving Chair?”

A poignant video that reminds us to be thankful in all situations

Is The Christian God And The Muslim God The Same?

Dr. Andy Bannister of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries answers the question "Islam and Christianity: Is it the same God?"

Prayer; An Outcry From Your Heart, But At A Whisper Can...

This video is a powerful reminder of the power of prayers, that “when ordinary people pray, something extraordinary happens.”

The New Faith And Family Friendly Alternative To Netflix

Enjoy our entire library of over 2,000 titles* absolutely FREE for one month.

A Uptight Mother Takes Her Daughter Out For Her Birthday And...

Samantha takes her daughter Jenny out for a day of window shopping to decide what Jenny would like for her birthday. It's an eventful afternoon with a surprise they will never forget.

Actor Caleb Castille Shares Why Woodlawn Is Such A Ground Breaking...

Two weeks after the movie "Woodlawn" hit the big screen, it's being hailed as a ground-breaking faith film

Millions Of People Grew Up With This Picture Of Jesus In...

Over fireplace mantles, kitchen tables, and hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms across the world was this picture of Jesus. How did 500 million copies of this picture make their way into our culture and our homes?

Have You Seen Da Vinci’s Lost Painting Of Jesus? It’s Spectacular!

The 500-year-old panel is not much bigger than an average flatscreen TV and the wood has split, but what it shows is truly extraordinary.

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