I made this short film in order to help communicate what happened to me as a kid. Although some parts of this are only a re-enactment for film purposes, the overall story is actually true.

We are MEANT TO LIVE for so much more! I believe this because when I was seven years old, I almost died from being hit by a car…

As I was riding my bike one day, I knew to always look both ways before leaving the sidewalk. However, the parked cars down the street blocked my vision and I had no idea of the oncoming speeding car heading in my direction. I assume the person driving the car would have had no time to stop, due to all of the parked cars blocking his/her vision as well. Somehow, before I started to roll into the street, I felt someone’s hand push me over while on my bike. It felt like a human hand gently pushing me sideways to the ground. The fall to the ground did not hurt; I just remember feeling trust and knew I would be okay. I then looked up to see who was there, but there was no one. Within another second, the speeding car flew down the road, right where I would have been, had I continued my momentum.

What do you think caused me to fall over?

Although angels are still a mystery today, I believe an angel saved my life that day. I have researched similar stories and testimonies about angels, and I have found that everyone felt the same things I did. We felt trust, warmth, and love. The many stories like mine are living proof that there is a real connection between us and God.

Angels are said to be spiritual beings that act as communicators between heaven and earth. They are said to be created before us by God. They are protecting us, guiding us, and prompting us to open the door of faith to Jesus Christ.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short film and I hope this and other stories have inspired you to consider believing that we have a lot more potential than simply living an ordinary life here on this earth. We are all MEANT TO LIVE for so much more. We are meant to have a loving relationship with Jesus in order to better understand who God is. He deeply desires to have a loving relationship with us and He’s been waiting for us to seek Him back.

Your Thoughts?