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All over China ordinary men and women are embracing Christianity. Turning from the socialist teachings of the Communist Party, they are now attending church.


In a small basement in Beijing, 100 people cram onto red stools to listen to their leader, Allan Yuan a ‘radical’ who spent 22 years in prison with hard labor. From this backstreet pulpit, he runs an illegal ‘house’ church.

Mr Lei had his leg amputated by a student doctor during the Cultural Revolution and says that after joining the church “he loved life more”.

At the Bureau of Religious Affairs, Lui Shu Xiang maintains that Chinese citizens do have “religious freedom”. He refers to a Government funded Catholic seminary set up to train new Socialist Shepherds.

In an ornate white and crimson church, deacons Joseph and James are about to be ordained. Lying face down at the altar, they are anointed with holy oil. They have been taught to adapt religion to the socialist system. They acknowledge the Pope as their spiritual leader but the Communist party as their political head.

But for those who believe that the Pope plays a central role, ‘underground’ churches remain the true exponents of Christianity.

Related Scripture

Acts 5:29

But Peter and the apostles replied, “We must obey God rather than any human authority.

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