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The Longs had moved from their beloved England. A blessed marriage, three precious children – their pride and joy, a beautiful home in an affluent Chicago suburb and earning a very large salary as an ex pat international banker. They were on the ‘top of the mountain.’ Then, the unimaginable began to happen.

At the end of 2005, they came face to face with evil. Alex (17), their precious youngest son and a very talented athlete, was attacked through cyber-bullying and witchcraft. Choosing the wrong company, he ended up taking a drug and, becoming delusional, he committed suicide.

In 2014, Rebecca (32) the family’s beautiful eldest and only daughter, also a champion runner, drowned in a tragic accident in the frigid waters of Lake Michigan, while out training.

During that same eight year period, two of Gerard’s three siblings died and one of Jeannie’s nephews. With her heart broken, Jeannie was consumed with ending her own life. Shortly after asking God to take her home, her intestines double knotted, due to the overwhelming grief, and she had to have life-threatening surgery. Struggling to reconcile how a loving God could allow such evil to come upon them, Jeannie lost her faith for a season.

While suffering intense grief himself, Gerard’s faith was tested to the limit as their marriage headed for a break-down. Gerard’s loving devotion to Jeannie helped to bring her back from the brink of death. To God be the glory, their marriage triumphed!

Gerard and Jeannie are now sharing the things God has shown them while on their journey through the valley of Baca (weeping). Their story includes teachings on suffering, God’s unfailing love, grace and calling, eternity, the triumph of marriage, the bride of Christ, a divine encounter and the love and prayers of family and friends.

This video is a trailer for longer videos on ‘Love and Suffering,’ Love and Eternity,’ and ‘Love and the Triumph of Marriage’. These full length videos are available at the Awakening to God Ministry website www.awakeningtogod.org

Related Scripture

Matthew 5:4

God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

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